Just the word makes you a little uncomfortable. An actual conflict has you running for the hills, or gearing up for a fight. Either way your emotions are heightened. Conflict is something to be resolved as quickly as possible or avoided at all costs, right?


For just a moment, I would like for you to imagine what it would be like to be COMFORTABLE in the midst of conflict. You may not necessarily be thrilled to be there, but you know what to do. You have the knowledge and skills to move through the conflict, using your unique talents to manage the situation and come through the other side stronger and better. 

Is your heart rate returning to normal? Does that idea give you just a little twinge of excitement, like you would like to know how that feels? Then this masterclass was designed for YOU.  

This 4-week course builds upon your learning each week to get you Comfortable with Conflict. You will learn how to:  

* The two different types of conflict 
* The five key benefits of conflict and what you have to GAIN from it 
* The type of conflict to resolve quickly, and when to dive into deeper 
* Your individual top 5 talent themes
* The role each of these talents play in how you currently manage conflict
* Step by step application of each of your talents in order to maximize the positive aspects of conflict and minimize the negative 

What do I get?

Four, 90-minute teleconference sessions with the group. The calls are also recorded so you never miss a session.

Resources for each session including brief readings, links, and worksheets to facilitate your learning. 

The CliftonStrengths assessment and handouts designed to help you understand your results. 

One, 30-minute coaching session with Carol to deepen your learning and apply it directly to current situations in your life. 

And a BONUS, private Facebook support group where you can interact with fellow students and receive direct, personal responses from Carol to answer all your questions along the way.

Ready for more? Here are the details.

Individually this would cost several thousand dollars. You get all of this for $100.

Next offering will take place October 4 - October 25, Thursdays 1-2:30pm CST



Not quite sure? 
You think this sounds interesting but aren't quite sure you are ready to take the leap. Click here to schedule a free call with Carol to talk more about the course and what it has to offer for you.